Friday, March 25, 2011

Today I Wish...

A couple of years ago for Christmas, my mother-in-law Karen gave me a beautiful crystal bowl with a lid.  Inside, it was filled with small rectangular pieces of white cardstock, each one containing a short phrase meant to be used as a starting point for a journal entry.  She even included a pretty journal and pen to record my thoughts.

As with most things, I was quite diligent about doing my daily journal entries for the first few weeks.  Then, of course, I let life get in the way and it became just a pretty decorative piece on a tray at the foot of my bed.  Now that I have started a blog, I'm feeling the pull to resume my journal entries; this time, on my blog as opposed to my paper journal.

So, today's journal prompt is "Today I wish..."

Geez, is THAT a loaded statement!  I'll start with the more light-hearted wish.  Today I wish that we would get an offer from one of the three families currently considering purchasing our home!  One family is weighing how much they care about having a gas stove in the future (at this point, it would cost $3,500 just to run a gas line to the stove area, not to mention the cost of replacing the stove itself).  The other two families are having to figure out timing issues with the sale/lease-end of their current homes.  Such is life.  On the bright side, this means that there are three families actually INTERESTED in our home!

On a more serious note, I really wish that I did not have erythromelalgia.  And Meniere's Disease.  And severe IBS that causes me to throw up almost daily (not to mention the flares I get every few weeks when I throw up and am put in immense full-body pain for several days on end).  But, I do realize how futile it is to wish for something that it absolutely beyond my control to change.  So instead I will be thankful for the excellent doctors and even more excellent family who care for me.  And I can turn my focus to wish for something that I CAN control: the wisdom and discipline to achieve the balance between accepting the physical limitations these illnesses place on me (and the whole family), and also not allowing these diseases to become a permanent excuse NOT to do things.

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